About New Light Cemetery

The New Light Cemetery proudly serves all Jewish traditions.

The New Light Cemetery Association
6807 N. East-Prairie Road
Lincolnwood, IL 60712

Phone: (847) 676-1122
Fax: (847) 676-1241
Information Phone: (847) 901-3260

Email: newlightcemetery@gmail.com

As of 2016:
New Light Cemetery Association

Al Gruen – President
Dr. Raphael Juss – Vice President
Howard Vogel, CPA JD – Secretary
Sheldon Glickman – Treasurer

Board of Directors

Ruth Fischer
Max Lorig
Brian Tureck
Charles B. Wolf, JD
Joni Altman
Jerry Felsenthal

Honorary Trustees

Norman Schwartz Z"l
President Emeritus
Chicago Jewish Historical Society
Paul Sternfeld
Jack Heiman Z"l
Eva B. Levi Z"l